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My name is Hilary Jacobson, I am an ACHE-certified clinical hypnotherapist and a Swiss certified holistic lactation consultant, CH.HU.SI. I have special studies and certifications in health support, trauma, mindfulness and meditation.

What does a therapy session for breastfeeding grief look like?

First, we talk. Then we explore ways to get you into a calmer, more centered and restful state. Finally, through hypnosis, we help you feel an embodied and heartfelt connection to yourself and to your baby, with all the feelings of joy, love, confidence and self-trust that are part of that.

After this first session, which can last between 2 – 3 hours, mothers typically feel tremendous relief. With the second and third session, which usually last 1 hour, mothers find that they are grounded in their new state of mind.

If you would like to know more, don’t be shy. Go ahead and call me, to find out if I might be a good match for you. I offer sessions to mothers in person, phone or video such as Skype, Facetime, google hangouts, and I offer a sliding scale.

My published books include: 

Healing Breastfeeding Grief: how mothers feel and heal when breastfeeding does not go as hoped (2016).

Mother Food: A Breastfeeding Diet Guide with Lactogenic Food and Herbs (2004).

Phone: (541) 708 – 3564

Email: bfggrief@gmail.com 

Websites: healingwayhypnosis.com    mother-food.com