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Judith Sanford

Licensed Massage Therapist, Craniosacral Therapist


JudithSanfordI have been practicing Craniosacral Therapy since 1991. In 2000, I added a pediatric specialty and have been blessed since then to do many hours of hands-on care for moms, babies, dads and siblings.

Craniosacral therapy works via the body’s fluids. The body is circulated with many kinds of fluid—blood, lymph, cerebral spinal fluid—which bathe, nourish and support the life cycle of every cell. When we think of physical therapy, we usually think of bones, muscle and tendons. It can be a stretch for people to realize that therapy that focuses on the body’s fluids can also affect muscles, bones and tendons. Craniosacral can relieve compressions in tissues and joints, can free the organs, nerves, vessels, brain, and also the breast, so that these can function optimally.

In pure cranial work, the hands are very still and the internal rhythms do the work. While some people find it hard to accept that such gentle work is “real” or has any effect, the results speak for themselves in the great majority of cases.

Ms. Sanford’s Story

I was a VBAC birth. My mother had so many anesthetics that nursing never was successful. I always knew she loved me to bits, but of course, I carried scars from my birth.

Over the course of my life, I have been able to heal many of my feelings of loss through receiving massage and craniosacral therapy. Through my own work with families, I pass on the blessings I received.

The main lesson I take from all of it is this: Trust life! We are programmed for healing.

Helping Moms and Babies in the Early Postpartum

Pregnancy and birth—both natural birth and Cesarean birth—exert many pressures on the mother and baby that can slow down the dynamics of the body’s fluid.

For nursing babies, cranial work can help with latching, with the suck reflex, with the baby’s ability to turn her head to both sides, and with settling, sleeping, and bonding.

For the mother, cranial work, (along with the lymph drainage work that I also provide), can relieve breast congestion, help the flow of milk open up, and relieve pain that can be interfering with the let-down.

Helping each of you settle comfortably into yourself so you can be deeply present is one of the best gifts of this work. Often, both the parents and I can feel how the baby fully “arrives” into their body during a session, as the baby notices, “This is the comfortable place I want to be,” and settles in.

Ms. Sanford’s message to mothers experiencing breastfeeding grief

Birth is a momentous and life changing event. Optimally, the mother’s body is able to work through the strong emotions, tension or physical trauma. When this doesn’t occur, the mother can feel stuck, as if “out of body,” unable to be fully present.

If you are depressed, these blocks are very likely part of the problem. The work of a craniosacral therapist can help relieve these blocks.

I hope you’ll try it. I feel so strongly about its benefits that I offer one free home visit to all newborns and families in the first three months after birth. The sooner the better! Many other practitioners do the same, or offer low cost care for infants. Don’t be afraid to ask. It can change the trajectory of all your lives.