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Coeli Dwivedi is a wellness coach and health educator with a background in midwifery, somatic healing and family constellation work. She has four children, all born at home, and was a homebirth midwife for twenty years. She has recently completed her MS in health education, and currently works with women and families in the postpartum, or one to two years after childbirth.

Hilary: What motivated you to become a midwife?

Coeli: I had such an empowering and safe birth experience with a midwife, and as part of that experience, I felt a nagging sense that more women need to be able to have access to this type of birth.

Today, I primarily work with women in the postpartum period, helping mothers transition into motherhood with confidence and trust in themselves and their inner knowing.

Hilary: How do you support women through breastfeeding grief?

Coeli: I look at the whole woman, at her diet, sleep patterns, stress level, her fears, if she’s getting any exercise, her feelings about being a mother, sharing her body all the time with he baby. . . I set her up with resources as needed, and also target what she needs that I can support.

For instance, maybe her stress is that she doesn’t have money for food, and I will connect her into those resources that are there to help. Maybe she is depressed, or she feels overwhelmed, or unsure of herself, and I will help her develop confidence in her abilities. In the great majority of the women I’ve served, breastfeeding problems are also a confidence issue.

Then, I do a basic assessment on baby’s wellness, which includes the latch, tongue-tie, and if the baby is getting milk. If anything is outside of normal or is questionable, I refer the mother to an IBCLC lactation consultant. I love having a team of people to work with.

Beyond that, even if breastfeeding is going well, some mothers experience deep grief that goes unaddressed, and that stands in the way of experiencing the joy and receiving the gift of mothering. I have found that somatic healing processes, including bioenergetics and family constellation work, can be profoundly healing for this.

Hilary: Do you offer your work online, via Skype or other system?

Coeli: Yes, and I’m happy to say that it’s still powerful work, whether phone or Skype. If you’re local, I prefer face-to-face interaction. However, I understand that it’s sometimes hard for moms to leave the house, and so I’m open to do phone or Skype with local mothers as well. I also travel to do group constellation work for a family.

Hilary: What would you like to say to the reader of this book?

Coeli: I just want to encourage you, that if you’re grieving or feeling depressed, and even if you can’t quite put your finger on what you’re feeling or why, reach out. There are lots of people who can help you, people who not only have the tools and training to help you, but who are devoting their lives to supporting women and families at this time.

If you would like to learn more about how family constellation work can help you, please contact me through my website.