when breastfeeding does not go as hoped

When breastfeeding does not go as hoped, mothers can be overwhelmed by feelings of failure, hopelessness, devastation, and despair.

For some mothers, the sense of loss deepens, and is felt as ongoing trauma or as a grieving process. For a few mothers, this grief and trauma never resolves, even years later. Support and therapy is clearly needed, yet, no specialized therapy exists to address this unique emotional injury.

Hilary Jacobson, an ACHE-certified clinical hypnotherapist and Swiss certified holistic lactation consultant, CH.HU.SI. (see webpage)experienced breastfeeding grief with the birth of her first son. It was the turning point of her life. She went on to research and contribute to the field of lactation, and to work closely with mothers struggling with various issues as they attempted to breastfeed.

Today, Hilary Jacobson offers specialized therapy to mothers around the world, over the phone and online with Skype, Facetime, or other. To local mothers, she offers sessions in person.

A sliding scale is available.

Jacobson is also the author of Healing Breastfeeding Grief: how mothers feel and heal when breastfeeding does not go as hoped. This book, available on amazon.com, offers understanding, emotional release and pathways for healing.

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Email: bfggrief@gmail.com