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Healing Breastfeeding Grief book by Hilary Jacobson CCHTIf you are experiencing Breastfeeding Grief, Hilary Jacobson’s book Healing Breastfeeding Grief is available on amazon.com. By reading or skimming the book, or even just reading this free download of the initial chapter, inner healing reserves are stimulated and healing begins.

Dear Hilary, I have just finished to read your book. The book was just the best book I ever read since I became a doula (2008). I became a doula after my daughter’s birth in 2004. I faced first a difficult birth, and then a difficult breastfeeding. I would really have appreciated if anyone could have helped me during these times and still now, after the healing experience of becoming a doula for mothers who are struggling, to read your book was so heart warming. I hope I will be able to learn from your book and help more mothers now. Thank you very much. L.L., a french doula and nanny in Pisa, Italy.”

Breastfeeding Grief: How Hypnotherapy Can Help

Three sessions (after reading the initial section of the book) are usually sufficient to work through the most profound pain or breastfeeding grief. A mother will feel significantly better after the first session, and two following sessions will solidify the changes. The improvement will continue over the following months.

If the mother wishes to address other concerns such as birth trauma or PPD more sessions may be necessary. These extra sessions can be scheduled as needed or desired by the mother.

If a mother has clinical depression or is suicidal, hypnotherapy can only commence with the permission and oversight of your healthcare provider.

Healing Way Hypnosis: the usual fees apply. Mothers after childbirth can request a sliding scale.

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